And it could be FREE!

The secret of successful home and home maintenance in the Toronto and the surrounding area comes from being a business that isn’t afraid to promote why we’re the ROYALTY in the field!

Since the 1990s, we’ve set (and followed) the best of the industry’s standards because that’s what makes our work shine and what keeps customers wanting more. And we’re so proud of what we do, we’re willing to give you a taste for free!


Sign up and see! You could WIN: 1000 square feet of FREE siding, 200 square feet of FREE eaves-trough installation or down pipe repair, or 130 square feet of FREE soffit and fascia replacement – No kidding.

Just for giving us your attention (and email) you’ll see why we can’t be outdone by the common classes! Not to mention that you’ll see what others are talking about.

Click over to our homesite and see why it is that our customers can’t stop talking about us. We simply do state-of-the-art work, and we’re not too NOBLE to promise that we do whatever it takes to keep you satisfied.

We specialize in the tasks of siding, gutters, soffit and fascia, and more, but we do even better. No matter how tedious or meager the task of repair or installation may seem, we know that once you entrust us to use our Royal Touch, you want the king of success!

Our team of technicians will leave no stone unturned to provide you with best services and products possible.

SIDING protects your home and can eliminate costly painting expenses

FASCIA repairs protect and strengthen your home’s structural integrity.

EAVSETROUGHS keep the problems flowing away!

Customers often forget that they need great products and first-rate work. Royal Crown Aluminum offers both to make sure what we sell works together as its own kind of service team. Properly installed and maintained materials keep your house safe and your home feeling like a castle!


Which is exactly why we manufacture the best products that customers want, and we offer full guarantees and promises to keep them working to the best of their ability.

CLICK OVER and see for yourself. We offer ROYAL Quality Services and ROYAL Commitments, and we’re not afraid to offer you the possibility of FREE SAMPLES of siding, eavestroughs and soffits or fascia to convince you we mean first-rate business!

There is no reason to go anyplace else!


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