EAVESTROUGH INSTALLATION AND REPAIRS: Royal Crown Aluminum offers superb Eavestrough repair and installation solutions that will simply safeguard your walls and other parts of the house from extreme water contact and absorption during rainy season and springtime snow thawing. We offer  aluminum Eavestrough installation that eliminates the risk of rusting, cracks and breakages. Choose from different shapes and wide variety of color options to suit your needs. We also offer affordable Eavestrough and gutter replacement services for old homes at the best competitive prices.

EAVESTROUGH CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE: Often people neglect the importance of Eavestrough cleaning and maintenance work. This work is extremely important so ignoring such jobs can be risky. We offer aluminum Eavestrough material so there is no question of rusting or breakages. But accumulation of rain water and snow can be problematic leading to the accumulation of water on the roof due to lack of passage, mosquito and germ breeding in the water remnants, formation of icicle structures hanging from the top, accumulation of rotten plant structures and much more. Our periodical cleaning and maintenance work will help you to keep your roofs, basement, walls and other structures free from water damage. There will be no foul smell or germ breeding of any sort. We ensure complete cleaning and repair defects immediately to ensure proper channel for the water.

SOFFIT INSTALLATION AND REPAIRS: Royal Crown Aluminum extends soffit installation and designing services alongside providing ace quality products of different sizes and shades. The length of soffit will depend upon the roof overhangs. Our soffit installation will help you to protect the house from weather damages. We install both vented and non-vented soffit materials. They can sustain deep moisture contact, protect the roofs from decaying, allow ventilation, etc.

Fascia: Facia installation is a low cost solution for protecting your house structure. We offer the premium range fascia installation, repairing and maintenance services at the most reasonable rates. Fascia bordering installation at the joints of the roof and the walls will reduce your costs on expensive paints and bordering. Fascia is a great water proofing installation available in vinyl and aluminum in wide range of colors and finishes that beautifies your home fantastically. It saves your money on costly painting over and again.

SIDING INSTALLATION AND REPAIRS: Siding installation on the walls helps to save money on costly paints, wall repairing and other expenses. They are characterized with dynamic bonding to prevent the opening of the binding of the siding panels from the walls. You can choose from a wide variety of shades for your exterior wall siding. The siding materials in vinyl and aluminum are long lasting, robust and affordable. We offer the best quality siding installation that will protect your walls from any sort of water contact, weather effect and much more. The material is water and dirt resistant and we provide fade resistant technology so that your wall siding materials retain the same gloss and shade as before.

DOWNPIPE INSTALLATION AND REPAIRS: Downpipe blockage and breaking are common problems. Any sort of leakage on these structures can cause great damage to the walls due to water soaking. We offer the best downpipe installation and repairs to clear the lumps of waste materials stuck inside to allow smooth flow of water. We can reinstall new pipes in the event of bursting during the winter season due to accumulation of snow inside. We employ modern equipment in the process to prevent inconvenience of any sort.



1. All material used is based on standard profiles unless otherwise specified on the estimate.

2. All estimates are based on an initial exterior assessment and any issues or problems found once exterior materials have been removed may result in additional charges.

3. All caulking is an additional charge unless otherwise specified on the estimate.

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